Why Direct-to-Film Transfers from Us?

To keep our artists up to date with modern decorating techniques Ignition Drawing is always experimenting with new processes.  We’ve been trying different inks, films, and glue and believe we have something better than the samples we ordered from the major players. 

  • Combine better quality, a less rubbery feel, a super reliable two day production with great art and we think we have something that will add real value to our busy customers. 
  • Our transfers work equally great with hot or cold peel with a 13 second press at 295 F degrees.
  • Our most aggressive pricing is our gang sheets. We are around $0.03 per square inch for normal quantity orders and lower than $0.02 for larger quantities. Compare that to one of the largest vendors at $0.06!

If you like our vector and digitizing, you will be equally happy with our Direct-to-Film transfers. We are really proud of the newest product we've built.

  • Our material works well with cold and hot peels.

  • We have newest generation equipment that makes world class quality.

  • ⁠Matte finish and less rubbery feel than just 6 months ago.

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