Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Direct-to-Film transfer?
Direct-to-Film transfers are a much improved transfers that give you the quality of direct to garment without the pre treatment or limitations of specific fabric types. Direct-to-film works on anything and has incredible detail.

Why are Ignition Drawing Direct-to-Film transfers better?
We have the latest generation of machines that feel lighter and less rubbery than what you could get a few months ago.  Our transfers work in either hot or cold peel with a 13 second press at 295 

What is hot/cold peel and why does it matter?
Hot peel means you pull off the transfer immediately after you press it.  Cold peel requires a cooling of around 30 seconds before you peel the transfer off.  Most transfers work in either one or the other but ours work equally good no matter what works for your situation.

What types of material does Direct-to-Film transfers adhere to?
Our transfers work great on any material and any color.  Our Direct-to-Film is a huge contrast with direct-to-garment (DTG) printing that doesn't work well on anything but high cotton garments. Direct-to-film  has no variance between fabric types. 

What is the minimum I can order?
We offer a one piece minimum, standard ground shipping is $15 or free after $100.

Do you offer international shipping?
At this time, we do not currently provide international shipping services. However, we are happy to serve customers within all 50 states of the USA.

Can I use an ordinary "at-home" iron to apply Direct-to-Film transfers?
For the best results, we strongly recommend using a professional heat press. In a pinch, you may be able to apply our transfers with an ordinary iron (not a steam iron); however, you will need to experiment with heat and time settings since all irons are different. If you try using an ordinary iron, you'll need to cover the transfer with either a baking Teflon sheet or baking parchment paper before applying the iron. (A Teflon sheet works best, if possible.)

What kind of press do I need?
Using a professional heat press to apply our transfers will ensure that you get the best possible results.

How do I order exact sizing?
We have two types of orders.  Individual Transfers by Size where you click a box size and we size your logo to fit just inside the box. If you would like to specify an exact size please make a note in the note box on the checkout page.  Our second option is a Gang Sheet where you layout a larger area and we print the exact file you give us at the sizes you make the logos.

How do we ship?
We ship by 2-3 day service and have a rush 1 day service for an additional $30.

How do transfers hold up in the wash?
Our DTF product is well tested with no fading or any other degradation after washing.

How quickly can I get my order?
We produce in two business days and offer a next day shipping option for an additional $30.

What file format should my artwork be?
All file types accepted, vector files are always preferred, raster art should be at least 300 dpiWe prefer a 300 dpi png for individual logo orders that we call transfers by size.  We request an illustrator file for gang sheets. Note, if white is present in the design, it will be printed. 

What is your refund policy?
We offer reprints or refunds if you are not happy with your order.  We will make it right.

What are the recommended heat pressing instructions?
Press for 13 seconds at 295 degrees Fahrenheit.  A 2nd press of 6 second is not required but sometimes has a benefit of reducing the shine of the transfer.  

What do I do if my transfer film has discoloration?
Slight discoloration of the film can happen in the curing process in the dryer.  This does not affect the transfer itself.  Simply use the film as you would normally and you will see no effect to your finished product.